Explorer by FrontPet Dog Backpack: Bring Your Best Friend Hiking With a Dog Harness Backpack With Removable Saddle Bags (My Review)

backpack for dogs to wear reviewTake Your Puppy or Dog Hiking! Get A Dog Harness Backpack With Removable Saddle Bags


Start your adventure with the right gear!

Truly, one of the best ways to bond with your canine companions is to spend time in the great outdoors! That’s why  Explorer by FrontPet,  has a full line of products specifically designed so you and your pet can camp, hike, run, and explore all the world has to offer! Get out there and start your adventure today!

Backpack & Harness All in One

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                                     (Great Backpack for Hiking with your best friend)

                              Bright green material allows for easy visibility of your dog

When you and your dog are exploring the great outdoors it is very important to ensure you are equipt with the proper gear. FrontPet developed the perfect solution to ensure you are prepared for any type of adventure. The dog harness is uniquely versatile because it not only allows for you to have a safe and comfortable harness for your dog but it also includes removable and adjustable saddle bags that allows you to bring all the extra food, water, leashes, bowls and first aid gear you need for a fun and safe day of exploring!

  • DURABLE– Made of rip stop nylon material, top quality components, and reinforced construction to ensure your harness pack holds up to any adventure
  • COMFORTABLE– Double padded mesh bottom paired with lightweight rip resistant material ensures your pet will never be uncomfortable while using this backpack!
  • SPACIOUS– Extra wide saddle bag allows for you to pack all of the extra water, food, waste bags and emergency supplies you need to ensure a fun and safe day of adventuring with your pet!
  • ADJUSTABLE– Fully adjustable neck,side and rear straps allow for a fit that is perfect for your puppy!
  • VERSATILE– Removable saddle bag allows you to use as a harness or backpack or both!

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Harness Features & Benefits: FrontPet Explorer Backpack

Harness Dimensions: 13″ x 8″ x 10″
Saddle Bag Dimensions: 10″ x 4″ x 10″
Adjustable: Allows for you to adjust rear front and side straps in order to provide a perfect fit for your pet
Looped zipper tabs with rubber grips allows you to easily open and close your side saddle bags
Durable rip stop material ensures your harness will stand up to any adventure!
Comfortable padded mesh inner material ensures your dog will be safe and comfortable while using the harness
Attractive bright green material allows for easy visibility of your dog so you can easily spot your pet while in difficult environments

What Others are Saying About the Explorer by FrontPet Dog Backpack

By KNA Mom on November 14, 2016

Color: Green Verified Purchase

This pack works great for my 55 lb Belgian Malinois 1 year puppy. I had to adjust all the straps to it’s smallest position but as she grows, it will grow with her. (Her chest is about 27″ and her groin about 22″) Most of the backpacks weren’t very clear on their sizing. I already sent one back because it was too big. The only drawback was that the straps holding a 16 oz water bottle (I put one on each side) slipped down to the end. I’ve only used it once so far so I will see if it happens again and maybe apply
some Velcro to stop the slipping.
By Thomas Richardson on November 11, 2016

Color: Green Verified Purchase

Fits nicely, but the straps holding the side bags don’t stay up very long–had to keep pulling them up Dog day packs for hiking reviews
on a 4-mile hike. and not that much weight on either side–just a water bottle. Will have to sew in place when we decide where we like it best.

FrontPet Explorer Backpack FAQ

Question: Where Can I Buy FrontPet Explorer Backpack?

Answer: You can get this directly from the manufacturer through this link.

I have a Rottie/Shepard mix who’s about 130lbs. Would this fit him?
I got the biggest one for my Rottie and it fits and he is 109 lbs. There is still growing room.
By Anna M Vassar on December 3, 2016
Would this fit my 90-100 pound dog?
It fits my 110lb Malamute just fine! I’m genuinely surprised at the quality of this pack. The only thing that needs to be improved is the buckles that hold the pouches allow the bags to sag too easily.
By A.L.L. on January 3, 2017
What are the girth dimensions that it fits on dogs? My pit bull has a 28″ chest and I need to know it’ll fit.
I have pitbull too, it’s good
By Np on December 19, 2016
Does it do well when getting wet? Dry quickly?
Yes, my dog used it for a hike that ended up at a beach and it’s a sturdy fabric made for outdoors and dries nicely
By danyel on December 15, 2016
Good Luck and Enjoy your new harness and saddle bags!